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CME on Diabetes is a platform which focuses on bringing health care professionals together from around the world who are interested in promoting the science of diabetes.


  • To promote the study, research and knowledge of all aspects of diabetes by improving the quality and provision of treatment for diabetes around the world
  • To contribute to the improvement of teaching standards in the profession
  • To propose guidelines and standard criteria for auditing, evaluation and clinical care in the treatment of diabetes
  • To foster collaboration between the various disciplines interested in Diabetes, as well as creating friendships between individuals from different countries

CME on Diabetes Activities:

  • Organizes international conferences
  • Plans training courses to promote scientific knowledge regarding diabetes, to further the education of young endocrinologists and to encourage friendship between physicians from all over the world
  • Promotes multisite clinical trials
  • Promotes exchange visits for senior and junior clinicians to encourage research and training
  • Has established links with other platforms that have similar objectives
  • Has organised several scientific conferences concerning the challenges of diabetes with plans to continue these meetings